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Bean and Nothingness is a 2-D, tile-based puzzle game in which you wield a wand that can turn beans into monsters, based on recipes that vary from puzzle to puzzle. You must create, manipulate, and destroy these monsters in the right places and at the right times; they can both help you and hinder you as you try to solve each puzzle.

In the game, you'll explore and exploit the behavior of eight different monsters in over 150 challenging, hand-crafted puzzles across ten different islands. Play this game if you enjoy games that are deep, games that are challenging, and games where the main character has a pet bunny.


  • Nic Ford - design, development
  • Amanda Visconti - design, website
  • Michael Von Korff - design, playtesting
  • Jordan Watkins - design, development, sound, art
  • Mary Wootters - design, art

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